RememberMe is a program that will manage your passwords
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RememberMe is a program that will manage your passwords.
In these days, you need to enter your password to access your email, home banking service, online portals, forums, backup services and lots of other things. It is hard to remember all of them, and you usually spend a lot of time retrieving your passwords.

RememberMe stores your passwords securely, using 128-bit AES encryption. But to let you access your passwords, you will have to log into your personal profile information, so you will be the only user that can access your passwords. The program allows you to categorize your passwords into the existing categories, but you can create your own categories if you want. Once done, you will be able to store your user name, password, link and comments for each entry, that will be stored under the name that you like. You can also set different locations for your passwords to ease the retrieval process, if you need to find a given password. The program can automatically generate safe passwords.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It is free.
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